For better production and longer wear life, choose Columbia cone crusher liners.

Columbia Steel cone crusher wear parts en route to a customer
Standard, heavy-duty, and custom wear parts for all popular cone crushers

Columbia designs and manufactures its parts to the task. OEM liners are based on average conditions, and few cone crushers work under “average” conditions, which is why we have so many options available.

Matching sets for better production

Our engineers work to improve production throughout the liner life, and to arrive at even wear ratios between mantle and liner to minimize discard weight.

Manganese domed nuts

Columbia Steel’s manganese domed nut is a hemi-shaped main shaft nut which directs slabby material through the crusher, preventing blinding of the feed opening.
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Increased feed opening design for cone crusher wear parts
IFOR liners handle occasional oversize

Columbia’s increased feed opening relief (IFOR) bowl liners feature reliefs near the feed opening. When occasional oversize material is a problem, they can increase production and reduce recirculated material.
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High-output cone mantle

Direct feed more efficiently with our patented high-output cone mantle design.
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Premium Xtralloy® manganese steel

In many applications, Xtralloy gives significantly longer life, and also reduces downtime and the expense of changeouts.
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Cone Crusher Accessories

We can provide all the cone crusher accessory items you need, from torch rings and locking nut covers, to felt and retaining hardware — all in one order.