Our proprietary iron and steel alloys are formulated for any wear or heat-resistant application.

Microscopic analysis in Columbia Steel's metallurgy department
Based on more than a century of experience, Columbia Steel has developed our own proprietary series of alloys which exceed the classic ASTM minimum standards. We offer one of the largest selections of wear- and heat-resistant alloys available from any single supplier. That provides many advantages to the end user. For example, we can supply all the various parts needed for a cement plant maintenance shutdown, from quarry to grinding mills to kiln to cooler. By varying the composition and heat treatment of our alloys, we are able to fine tune them, balancing toughness, hardness and/or heat and corrosion resistance for the specific application.

Austenitic Manganese Steels Unequaled toughness and good resistance to abrasion is provided by work hardening when service conditions have sufficient impact Liners for gyratory, cone, and jaw crushers, roll shells, shredder liners, hammers and grates
High Strength
High strength, toughness and abrasion resistance — may be through-harded from 286 to 512 HB Dragline chain and linkage, shovel pads, shredder and hammermill hammers, tooth points and adapters
Outstanding abrasion resistance within the medium hardness range — grades range from 286 to 600 HB Rod, ball and semi-autogenous mill liners, cement plant diaphrams, gyratory crusher concaves
Alloy Irons
Excellent abrasion resistance with improved impact strength and high hardness beyond 650 HB Rod, ball and semi-autogenous mill liners, coalpulverizers, cement rollermill and cooler parts, VSI parts
Heat Resistant
High temperature oxidation resistance with good strength to 2,100˚ F — all standard grades High temperature parts for cement and lime, ore refining, steel, oil refining, chemical and furnace applications
Ductility, weldability and heat treated tensile strength levels up to 100 KSI — all common grades Crusher accessory items such as torch rings, locking nuts and toggle plates, plus general industrial parts
High carbide wear resistant overlays bonded to L and H series alloys, with hardness levels up to 700 HB Dragline chain and linkage, dragline and dipper teeth, gyratory crusher mantles, and log washer paddles
24% Manganese
Significantly higher in carbon and manganese content than conventional Hadfield’s manganese steel, resulting in excellent work hardening, wear resistance, and reliability Heavy-duty manganese alloy steel wear parts, such as large cone and primary gyratory liners