Handle the “big stuff” with our increased feed opening relief bowl liners.

Increased feed opening design for cone crusher wear parts

These liners are available for virtually any popular crusher, and have proven effective in coarse-medium and medium-fine applications. Our Product Engineers work with you to select the appropriate design for your application. The result is more production per hour, less recirculation, and longer wear life.

The problem:
Before IFOR, the only way to select liners for your cone crusher was to order a set that would handle your largest feed material — even though it might represent only 5% to 20% of the total.

This compromise usually results in:

  • Poor production – Selecting a bowl liner with a large feed opening gives you the reduction ratio you want, but at the expense of more recirculated material.
  • Poor metal utilization – Selecting a smaller feed opening means earlier loss of that opening and the ability to handle top size material.

The IFOR solution:
When our Product Engineers recognized that many customers were experiencing these problems, we began to design feed opening relief areas into our crusher bowl liners. Depending on the crusher and top size requirements, our liner designs may have as few as three reliefs or as many as six. The resultant efficiency is like using two different crushing cavities at the same time.

For you this means:

  • No more compromises – You can zero in on liners that are designed to give you the reduction ratios you want, based on the smallest 80% to 85% of your feed material.
  • You can handle the “big stuff” – IFOR pockets take care of the larger material so it can’t get in the way of production, plus they grip large round materials to reduce skidding.
  • Keep your feed openings – IFOR pockets are effective right up to the end, giving you excellent metal utilization as the liners wear.
  • Recirculate less – The right crushing chamber will produce a product that fits into a narrower, more acceptable finished size range.