The Columbia difference:
Less weight, simpler maintenance,
& complete dragline rigging packages in any size.

Our surface mine customers chose Columbia replacement parts for shovels and draglines because they provide long wear life for a lower cost per ton. We’re proud to be an innovator when it comes to improved designs, stronger and tougher alloys, and advances in high carbide overlays. And our engineers are always ready to work with you to develop a product or package that meets your unique challenges.

Dragline Rigging Packages

Any dragline, any size – get complete dragline rigging packages by Columbia Steel.

We engineer virtually every dragline rigging component used in the surface mining industry.

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Bucket Components

Dragline bucket lip

In addition to wear plates and replaceable guards such as wing shrouds, Columbia designs entire dragline bucket front end rings.

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Chain and Links

Columbia dragline chain

Our integrally cast XtraLife® dragline chain has extra bearing area for greater contact area, high strength, and abrasion resistance.

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Dump Blocks

Columbia Steel's dragline Armor Block dump blocks

Our same- and opposite-plane dump blocks use standardized pin lengths and diameters, with bushings at the pin holes.

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Rope Socket Systems

Dragline rope sockets and wedges

Columbia designs rope socket systems for wedge removal that’s quick and safe, with fewer people and fewer hazards.

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Ground Engaging Tools

Columbia Steel's dragline EZ Drive® tooth and adapter system offers long life and faster, simpler tooth changeouts.

Our full range of dragline and mining shovel teeth and adapters come in many sizes, available with Xtend Process® hardfacing.

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Hoist Components

Columbia Steel consolidated-design dragline hoist links

For links, clevises, equalizer bars and more, we offer all of the linking components used in any size dragline.

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Pin Retention Systems

Pin inventory for dragline EZ RigLok® mechanical pin system

Speed up your installation of swivel links, hitch clevises, and drag/dump links with our mechanical locking pin systems.

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