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Pouring steel in Columbia Steel's foundry
Castings and assemblies
With over 100 years of experience in the manufacture of wear parts, we’ve been an innovator in reducing the cost of wear from abrasion and impact in many basic industries.

Columbia Steel can also assemble complete subcomponents — weighing as much as or over 100,000 pounds when completed — with interference fitting and advanced tool machining on high hardness materials, including martensitic cast iron. Our ferrous castings are weld assembled, stress relieved, machined and quality assured by non-destructive testing to the highest industry specifications.

Our alloys include:

  • Manganese steel
  • High chromium irons
  • High strength martensitic steels
  • Chromium molybdenum steels
  • Heat resistant steels
  • Carbon steels

Need a solution?
Looking for a reliable, solutions-driven source for your existing cast components? Is is time to replace the fabricated parts in your equipment with more durable and efficient castings?

Columbia Steel is your “one stop” for casting expertise, including design and engineering, metallurgy, patternmaking, molding, machining, quality assurance, and 131,800 square feet of combined foundry facilities. We’re ready to undertake a broad range of projects which require high chrome white iron or steel casting, finishing and heat treating.

Our Customer Service Specialists and Product Engineers are ready to take your call or online inquiry. Columbia Steel parts are guaranteed for proper fit, performance and customer satisfaction. Let us help you solve your manufacturing challenges.

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