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Get a cone, jaw or gyratory wear study by Columbia Steel and crush it right.

Crusher wear studies by Columbia Steel take the guesswork out of cone liner, jaw plate, and gyratory wear part choices, benefiting your operation with better production and less downtime. Crusher OEMs generally offer a limited choice of wear part designs, and these are usually based on average conditions. But few crusher operators work under “average” conditions.

Laser scanning gets the right data so you get the right parts
Scanning technology provides these benefits:
Safety — Measurements can be taken from a safe distance at existing personnel access areas
Quickly Identify High Wear Areas — Impact points from feeder or dump pattern can be identified to improve the service life of the entire set of concaves
Estimate Remaining Service Life — By comparing measured wear to new profiles to determine remaining thickness, an estimate of remaining life in time or tons can be provided
Full Surface Wear Measurements — As long as the part surface is visible, wear can be measured and analyzed

Collecting laser data on site
Color rendering of laser data
Get the right design
A Columbia wear study on your crusher can answer the question, “Are you using the right wear parts?” Our district managers and engineers begin by collecting real-world data on your equipment: feed and discharge information, throughput rates, change out records, and measurements on worn parts.You’ll then receive recommendations for parts best suited to your specific situation.

Columbia field reps and engineers make recommendations based on your unique wear part needs. The right design can mean:

    • Improved production
    • Improved product sizing
    • Better wear metal utilization
    • Lower discard weight
    • Longer wear part life
    • Lower overall costs

Get the right alloy
We can also recommend alloys that make a difference. For example, Columbia Steel’s Xtralloy® premium manganese steel is a great cost-effective choice for many hard rock crushing applications.

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Increased feed opening design for cone crusher wear parts

Based on wear study results, we’ll help you pick from many bowl liner and mantle combinations for more efficient crushing, whether you’re running a stationary or portable operation. For example, hundreds of our customers have improved their cone crusher performance with our IFOR, or Increased Feed Opening Relief bowl liners. IFOR allows operators to handle top size material while reducing skidding, maximizing throughput, reducing blockage, and maintaining feed openings as their liners wear.

A customer installs a set of Columbia Steel crusher jaw dies

We offer a wide variety of wear part improvements for virtually every popular jaw crusher. Among our jaw options are curved, smooth, and corrugated designs. More specialized recommendations for our customers have included toothed jaws with smooth ends; concave/convex jaw combinations; and our “slab breaker jaws” with alternating extra high teeth, a popular choice for concrete and asphalt recyclers.

Gyratory crusher wear parts by Columbia Steel

We go into the field to study the many areas for potential improvement in gyratory performance: poor nip of feed material, excessive wear in the lower crushing chamber, poor production from partially worn parts, excessive wear metal discard costs and problems with uneven or localized wear. We can provide you with matched mantles and liners in any size to 36,000 pounds, in any design that works for you, and in any appropriate Columbia Steel wear-resistant alloy.

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