Xtralloy’s high alloy content and superior quality mean longer wear life where it matters most.

Xtralloy® high manganese steel crusher wear parts

Field proven since 1988
Columbia Steel’s 24% manganese steel, Xtralloy®, became a production alloy in 1988 and has been widely accepted by customers in aggregate production and ore processing as a way to reduce downtime costs.

Xtralloy premium high-manganese steel from Columbia Steel
High alloy and high quality
Xtralloy is significantly higher in carbon and manganese content than conventional Hadfield’s manganese steel, resulting in excellent wear resistance with reliability. The extra effort and skill required to manufacture it have proven worthwhile, as Xtralloy continues to be the crusher operators’ premium wear material of choice.

Solid performance data
Starting in 1989, we began publishing Xtralloy progress reports, noting significant wear life increases over previous crusher parts of various other alloys and origins. The reliability of Columbia Steel’s Xtralloy parts has always been excellent.

Always improving: our L7M Xtralloy
Field trials by a customer in Nevada demonstrate significant improvements in service life from Columbia’s newest advancement in Xtralloy when compared to the OEM offering. The customer’s gold ore is extremely hard and abrasive. Columbia Steel’s 24% L7M manganese alloy is ideal for such high wear applications that require thick sections.

Prior to installing L7M liner sets, our customer reported an approximate two week service life on MP800 cone crusher liner sets that accept a topsize feed of 15” with a CSS of 1.375” Although wear life improved somewhat with higher manganese alloy OEM parts, our customer challenged us to provide an even better ROI.

Columbia has been able to nearly double the service life of our customer’s MP800 liner sets. We did this by:

  • Reformulating the chemistry of our current L78 Xtralloy high-manganese alloy
  • Modifying the heat treatment of parts cast in L7M to reduce internal stresses
  • Re-designing the liners’ geometry
  • Casting mantle thickness of 7.27” (DIS)
  • Casting bowl liner thickness of 6.32”
    The results? Ten sets of L7M liners have averaged 35 days of service life compared to 19 days for the customer’s previous OEM liners.

    User benefits
    Based on data and comments provided by our customers worldwide, Xtralloy manganese steel offers the following benefits in many crushing applications:

    • Longer wear life
    • Savings in labor, backing material and downtime
    • Crusher production maintained throughout liner life
    • Lower cost per ton of material crushed
      Xtralloy manganese steel shows its best performance improvements when crushing tough materials. Since 1988, our Product Engineers have gained extensive experience with alloy applications in all types of crushing conditions, so they are able to estimate Xtralloy performance. Like no other alloy on the market, Xtralloy uniquely meets the need for heavy-duty premium manganese steel crusher wear parts. We can also improve the wear life ratios of opposing wear parts by using Xtralloy and standard manganese alloys.