About Us: Columbia Steel FAQ

Columbia cone crusher wear parts en route to customer
Where is Columbia Steel located?
Our office is at 12142 Sky Lane, Unit 130, Aurora, OR 97002.
What are your products?
Columbia Steel engineers a wide variety of steel and iron parts and alloys for basic industry. These are replacement parts for high-wear applications, such as those that take abuse from abrasion, impact, or heat in rock crushers, mine shovels and draglines. Read more about our products
How old is the company?
The origins of the business date back as far as 1901 in Portland, Oregon. At the turn of the century, machinery and spare parts for industry had to be brought in by ship from San Francisco or by rail from the East. These distances and delivery times inspired a group of businessmen to form Columbia Engineering Works, which later became Columbia Steel Casting Co., Inc. Then in January, 2023, Columbia Steel Casting Co., Inc. reached an agreement with the CMS Cepcor Group for the sale of key commercial and technical assets. CMS Cepcor Group incorporated a new company “Columbia Steel Cast Products LLC”, which will trades independently as “Columbia Steel” with  key personnel from  Columbia Steel Casting Co., Inc’s  engineering, sales, and commercial teams transferring to the new business ensuring customers receive the trusted expert advice and excellent service levels they had have come to rely on. See photos and read more about our history
What are your business hours?
Our Customer Service hours are 6:00 AM to 4:30 PM (Pacific Time), Monday to Friday, and our main office hours are 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday to Friday. In the US and Canada, you can call toll free at 800-547-9471. If you are inquiring from overseas, please call us at +1 503-286-0685. And of course you can contact us online at any time.
Who is the Columbia Steel sales representative in my area?
Please contact our Customer Service department, to obtain the name of your Columbia Steel District Manager or Dealer.