TwistLink dragline chain for rigging weight reduction.

Columbia Steel's weight-reducing TwistLink drag and hoist chain

A unique design for superior performance

Columbia product engineers are continually looking to develop advanced dragline components. The newest generation of our patented TwistLink® hoist and drag chain is contoured for smooth operation and increased chain flexibility. It’s cast from the same material as our XtraLife® chain — the industry standard.

TwistLink dragline chain benefits include:

  • Weight reduction of up to 22%
  • Increased surface area in bite region
  • Increased cross-sectional strength
  • Cost savings
  • Weld-in Repair links available
    Hoist or drag application

    TwistLink chain can provide improvements in either the hoist or drag application. Its good resistance to abrasion and excellent ability to handle impact are the results of our H-series alloy’s high tensile strength and toughness.

    TwistLink dragline chain with Xtend Process® hardfacing

    For greater resistance to abrasion wear, our Xtend Process® high carbide overlay can be applied to high wear areas and tailored for your specific needs.


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