Columbia hoist components are engineered for weight reduction, long wear life, and simpler maintenance.

Consolidated dragline upper hoist ready to ship
Made with the same tough alloy as our signature chain, our dragline hoist components are designed with mated links with tighter fits. This minimizes shock loads throughout the entire rigging package, and reduces wear and tear on the components themselves.

Here are just a few of our engineered hoist components:

Columbia Steel dragline single and double hoist sockets

Hoist Links

Columbia Steel manufactures hoist links for any dragline, any size.

Dragline trunnion link manufactured by Columbia Steel

Trunnion Links

Manganese bushings in our trunnion links mean you’ll get increased wear life between change outs.

Clevises ready to ship to a Columbia Steel dragline customer


With increased section thickness at the bite area, our clevis design supports longer chain life.

Dragline equalizer bar

Equalizer Bars

Better bushings in our equalizer bars means better wear life: Read more about our bushings