XtraLife dragline chain: the industry standard worldwide.

Dragline Chain
Cutaway view of Columbia Steel's XtraLife dragline chain shows extra metal where it matters most
A proven endurance winner over the long haul
Some conventional oval section chain links start with a virtual point contact area, which immediately begins to wear during use. XtraLife® dragline chain’s additional ridge of metal is far greater than that of oval chains. Wear stresses are distributed instead of concentrated. The result is longer link life and fewer premature stress failures.

XtraLife chain, cast in our H-alloys, has good resistance to both abrasion and impact. For greater resistance to abrasive wear, our Xtend Process® high carbide overlay can be bonded to high wear areas, resulting in even longer life.

Exclusive Columbia casting system
Columbia Steel has developed a special molding line which ensures superior link integrity throughout the chain strand. The resulting integrally cast chain has become known as the world’s leading dragline chain.

Unique TwistLInk® dragline chain can reduce rigging weight by as much as 22%

TwistLink® weight-saving hoist and drag chain

Our unique patented design is engineered for weight savings up to 22% compared to conventional chain, with the same strength and toughness.
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Dragline chain stud end links and pear end links

Dragline Stud End Links & Pear End Links

Links in the sizes and configurations you need, with designs to increase chain life for your specific operating conditions.
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For a faster fix in the field, get Columbia Steel's EZ RigLok dragline repair links

Repair Links

Get your rig back up and running safely and efficiently with repair link options made by Columbia Steel, including our hammerless design.
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