We’re always innovating to reduce dragline rigging weight and boost your productivity, safety, and part wear life.

Columbia Steel dragline rigging hard at work for a customer in Florida
We manufacture virtually every dragline rigging and structural component for buckets used in the surface mining industry.

Columbia Steel’s development of replacement parts for draglines has pushed our technology to new levels, including development of our H-series martensitic high strength steel, application of our proprietary Xtend Process® high carbide overlays, and advanced part designs such as our XtraLife® dragline hoist and drag chain, now the standard of the industry.

A few examples of typical Columbia Steel wear parts for dragline rigging
Typical dragline rigging replacement parts from Columbia Steel:

  • Chain
  • Rigging
  • Bucket Castings
  • Bucket Teeth and Adapters
  • Bucket Wear Packages
  • Our engineers have worked closely with maintenance supervisors to reduce the weight of conventional dragline rigging for increased payload. We have become a major supplier of dragline and mining shovel wear parts to aggregate, surface coal, lignite and phosphate mines around the world.