Speed up your installation of links, clevises, sockets and spreader bar ends with our mechanical pin systems.

Pin inventory for dragline EZ RigLok® mechanical pin system

Our customers often come to us for solutions to increase the efficiency of their operations. Pin changeouts may seem small compared to the size and scale of most dragline maintenance, but Columbia Steel engineers know every minute counts during costly downtime. Our pins provide a positive lock without welding or hammers, for safer and quicker installation.

Dragline rigging collar and trunnion pins

No-weld Collar Pins

Stop welding on collar pins during rigging change outs, and start saving time and money.
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For better wear, get Columbia Steel's patented dragline EZ RigLok mechanical pin system

EZ RigLok® Pin System

We’ve applied the principle of the two-piece locking system to many dragline rigging components.
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