The EZ Drive® tooth/adapter system offers long wear life and fast, easy changeouts.

Columbia Steel EZ Drive dragline bucket teeth and adapters

When our customers requested a simple, top-drive tooth system with a secure and easily removed lock, we designed the EZ Drive® system.

Simple, reliable locking system
A permanently bonded rubber and steel lock is placed in a recess in the adapter, and securely holds the steel retaining pin in place. The lock can be quickly driven out using a tool provided by Columbia and a small hammer. No heavy sledgehammers are required. Tooth changeouts are easier and safer.

Popular sizes and styles
The EZ Drive system is available in 1125, 1150, and 1175 sizes. Virtually any tooth style can be cast at customer request.

Xtend Process® high carbide overlays
Many customers specify Xtend overlays on high wear areas of tooth points as a cost effectve way to extend wear life between tooth changeouts.

High strength steel
Columbia teeth and adapters are cast from our proven H-series high strength martensitic steel, for excellent abrasion resistance and toughness.