Our smooth-end jaws offer you better wear life than conventional toothed jaws, and more productivity than ordinary smooth jaws.

Columbia Steel's smooth-end jaw profile design

Columbia Steel manufactures an unmatched selection of these sophisticated tooth-and-smooth combinations, which offer the advantages of both jaw types.

Teeth in the center portion of the jaw are designed to concentrate crushing forces at their crowns, giving maximum breaking force. Valleys between the teeth allow crushed material to fall freely to the lower portion of the crushing chamber. The lower portion of the jaw has a filled-in, smooth crushing face to provide more wear metal and accurate final product sizing.

Columbia Steel's smooth end jaw design combines great crushing with great wear life

Depending on the user’s material and production requirements, a smooth-end jaw can be matched against a toothed jaw, a smooth jaw, or another smooth-end jaw. (When matching dissimilar jaw types, the long-wearing design should be used on the stationary side, which will experience a faster wear rate than the movable jaw.)

Alloy solutions for your wear needs

Columbia Steel jaw plates are available in either our standard L68 manganese steel alloy, or our premium L98 alloy, Xtralloy®.

Long life

Xtralloy’s higher alloy content results in crushing parts that wear longer and retain their original contour better. Our users report wear life increases of 15% to 50% depending on application and material crushed. Xtralloy can mean savings in wear life, sustained production, and less labor and downtime related to change-outs.

Balanced wear rates

If a crusher is experiencing widely different wear rates between stationary and movable jaws, the faster wearing jaw can be cast of Xtralloy and its facing jaw of standard L68 alloy to achieve balanced wear on the two jaws.