With many options available, there’s a Columbia mantle design that’s the right choice for your crusher.

Gyratory crusher wear parts by Columbia Steel

Mantle designs
Our many mantle designs range from smooth one-piece options to large, full-toothed, two-piece or three-piece solutions. Teeth can be used at almost any level on mantles to improve nip. Our users report that teeth greatly reduce slippage, and improve both production and liner wear life. For example, a mantle designed with a toothed top and heavy duty bottom can improve initial grip and put more metal in the high-wear area of the crushing cavity.

A large 2-piece gyratory crusher mantle by Columbia Steel
We produce mantles that are self seating / self positioning, or OEM-type mantles with manual wedge positioning.

Depending on application, we’ll recommend our R57, L68, L78, or L88 manganese steel for your gyratory mantle.

Sequential use of various diameter mantles
Heavier concaves made of longer lasting alloys mean concaves may last the life of two, three, or even four mantles. To ensure proper product sizing, Columbia Steel offers various mantle diameters. Many of our customers now maintain several complete mainshaft assemblies fitted with different mantle diameters ready for rapid changeout.

This use of alternate diameter mantles can provide you with:

  • An effective crushing cavity and consistent discharge settings
  • Full use of the wear metal available in the concave segments
  • Minimized downtime due to slow, labor intensive change outs

Xtend Process® overlaid mantles
Applying our Xtend overlay to the lower portions of mantles has proven very successful for many of our customers. Wear life can be increased as much as 100% in some situations.