Need replacement accessories for your gyratory? Looking for ways to increase wear part life? Call us for your next quote.

Gyratory crusher spider arm shield and spider cap

You may have already heard about our long-wearing mantle and concave designs. But did you know Columbia Steel also makes other top performing wear parts for gyratory crushers?

Gyratory crusher saddle arm guard
Improve the productivity of your gyratory crusher with long lasting wear parts manufactured by Columbia Steel. Ask us about standard designs, heavy duty, or custom configurations, in a variety of wear resistant alloys, and with our Xtend Process® high carbide overlays.

Gyratory crusher rim liner
For example, our arm guards with replaceable iron alloy saddles combine superior wear resistance with easy, low-cost replacement of the saddle insert when worn.

Other accessory parts include spider arm shields, rim liner segments, standard spider caps and rock-box spider caps, and more.