We look forward to greeting Elko's mining community during the Mining Expo, beginning June 7th. See us at Booth 513!

See us at the Elko Mining Expo, and find out how to improve your crusher performance

Columbia Steel representatives will be attending the 35th Annual Elko Mining Expo in Elko, Nevada, on June 7th-11th alongside the mining industry’s most recognizable names. If you’d like to learn more about our crusher wear parts and wear analysis services, stop by Booth 513 and say hello. If you aren’t attending the expo this year, you can also call us at (800) 547-9471 or contact us on our website.

Partnering with Columbia Steel for your crusher wear parts means you’ll receive custom-designed parts made from high-quality alloys manufactured in a facility that fully stands behind the products it makes. That’s how we’ve provided end-to-end service to the mining industry for more than a century.

From the moment of our founding 120 years ago, the mining industry has played a critical role in Columbia Steel’s success. In the early twentieth century, we manufactured dredging parts for California gold mining operations. As highway construction exploded during the postwar years, we evolved to support aggregate mining. During the ’70s, we introduced our revolutionary dragline chains and wear parts for mining shovels that quickly became the leading brand of replacement parts for surface coal mining.

As technology advances and industry evolves, we’re always ready to deliver reliable and high-quality replacement parts to our customers. This commitment is particularly important in aggregate mining environments where the equipment takes a beating every day it’s in service.

Improved Equipment for Improved Performance

Mining is all about turning large pieces of sandstone, basalt and granite into smaller rocks for use as asphalt chips, road base, ballast and concrete stone. As you might imagine, crushing rock is tough work, and the equipment that does the crushing wears out fast. Over the years, we’ve developed replacement parts for the most common types of crushing equipment that allow our customers to get more life from their machinery and more value from the products they produce.

Columbia Steel Cone Crusher Wear Parts

Cone crushers use a mantle spinning on an eccentric axis to crush rock against a stationary bowl liner. As large rocks are fed into the machine, they get crushed into smaller and smaller pieces until ultimately falling out through the bottom. This constant high force spinning and crushing action causes extreme wear levels on the crushing surfaces of the bowl liner and mantle. The wear eventually leads to poor performance and possibly shutdown or unplanned downtime.

Through extensive research, development and consultation with customers, Columbia Steel has developed an extensive line of replacement cone crusher parts that outperform original equipment manufacturers (OEM). Our premium Xtralloy® manganese steel offers significantly longer life for dome nuts, cone mantles and bowl liners while reducing downtime and change-out expenses.

Gyratory Crusher Wear Parts

Gyratory crushers work in the same way as cone crushers but typically handle the primary crushing of larger rock. Once gyratory crushers break down larger boulders, the stone moves on to cone crushers, where it gets broken down into even smaller pieces. These crushers face the same wear issues from constant battering and can require frequent maintenance.

As Columbia Steel developed its line of replacement gyratory crusher wear parts, our engineers went into the field and studied areas for potential improvement. These included poor nip of feed materials, excessive wear in the lower crushing chamber, poor throughput from mismatched wear profiles, excessive wear metal discard costs and uneven or localized wear problems. In response, we’ve developed our own line of gyratory mantles and concave sets that are more durable and perform better than OEM options.

When you choose Columbia Steel for replacement wear parts, you’ll gain a partner with extensive experience and a can-do attitude about improving crusher performance. We also guarantee all our parts for proper fit, performance and customer satisfaction.

Customized Crusher Wear Studies

Of course, no two operations are the same. The same brand of crusher could wear differently depending on the environment and the material processed. OEMs typically offer a limited set of wear part designs based on what they deem to be average conditions. Columbia Steel takes a different approach. Our experts will visit your site to conduct customized crusher wear studies of your critical machinery.

We also gather feed and discharge information, throughput rates, change-out records and worn part measurements. By collecting this data, we can make recommendations for the wear parts that best fit your unique situation. Our full-service facility can also offer customized solutions, from design and pattern making to alloy selection and casting.

By using customized solutions instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, you’ll gain improved production and product sizing, better wear metal utilization, lower discard weight, longer wear part life and lower overall costs.