Remove wedges quickly and safely with our Easy Out drag rope socket and wedge system.

Columbia Steel's dragline Easy Out Socket and wedge system

Everyone who works with large draglines knows the problem of wedge removal. One assembly we tested required 160,000 pounds of pressure to break the wedge free.

Our patented Easy Out Socket system eliminates the need for explosives, hydraulic presses or tractor pulls. The only tool required is the torch used to cut the wire cable.

Columbia Steel's dragline Easy Out Socket system makes changeouts simpler
To remove a wedge, cut the rope at the bend and near the small end of the wedge. Then, just burn through the three spacer blocks between the wedge halves, allowing the wedge to collapse so you can easily remove it. Using a spare Columbia wedge, you can immediately install a rope and be up and running. Replacing the wedge spacer assembly is a quick weld job, using a Columbia Steel spacer kit. The Easy Out socket/wedge system is available for draglines using 3 to 5-inch rope.

Users of our Easy Out Socket system report that it is the first advanced design which really works. Forces are distributed to eliminate distortion of the wedge, so your rigging remains safe and secure.