When your chain needs fixing fast: EZ RigLok repair links by Columbia Steel.

6 step instructions to install a Columbia Steel EZ RigLok dragline repair link
Columbia Steel Dragline Engineer in the field with our hammerless EZ RigLok repair link design

Chain repairs can be safer and more efficient with our patented EZ RigLok® pinning system.

  • Field-proven design
  • Hammerless lock system with 1/4 turn locking pins
  • Fits all standard chain, as well as Columbia’s TwistLink® and pear end links

    3.00″ Repair Link Assembly782283
    3.50″ Repair Link Assembly782273
    4.00″ Repair Link Assembly778870
    4.50″ Repair Link Assembly782294
    5.00″ Repair Link Assembly782296

    Locking Pin778872
    Compression Washer769946
    Columbia Steel's EZ RigLok Repair Link for Draglines in the field