Columbia Steel field representative examines a customer's dragline chain in Australia

Dragline chain out of pitch? Here’s what to look for.

Chris A. from South Africa asks:

Are there adjustments to align chains of different lengths but of the same size?

Answered by Jesse Fritz, former Product Engineering Manager, Dragline Group:

Thank you for your question Chris. There are many reasons why chains may be out of pitch. I will address a few.

New chains:

If the chains have the same number of links but different lengths, they are likely different manufacture and hot work will be required. You can cut the two chains in half and swap half’s with the other strand to make two chains of equal length. A mechanical or weld in repair link will be required to join the halves.

If the chains have different number of links you can remove the excess links form one strand and use a mechanical or weld in repair link to join the end link back into the chain, making two equal length chains.

Worn chains:

If the chains are different length due to uneven wear, rotating the chains from one side to the other can help bring them back into alignment. Periodical chain rotation is always a good practice to follow.

If chains are not aligned due to a bracket being installed improperly, a possible fix could be to re-position the bracket.

If the chains are of same manufacture, rotation does not help uneven wear, and the brackets are installed properly, you may have a warranty claim to follow up on.

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