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Diagnosing chain alignment problems

Columbia field representative examines a customer's dragline chain in Australia

Dragline chain out of pitch? Here’s what to look for.   Chris A. from South Africa asks: Are there adjustments to align chains of different lengths but of the same size? Answered by Jesse Fritz, Product Engineering Manager, Dragline Group:

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Removing backing from gyratory mantle

Installing Columbia Steel gyratory concaves

Removing backing material during gyratory crusher maintenance   A Columbia Steel customer asks: We are using zinc backing and we want to remount a worn mantle. Can we heat up the mantle in an oven to melt the zinc backing

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Estimating optimal wear for cone liners

Columbia cone crusher wear parts en route to customer

Estimating optimal wear for cone crusher liners   What is an optimal wear percentage by weight for a set of cone liners?   — From Nilson O. Answered by Steve Dolezal, Columbia Steel Product Engineering Manager: “Depending on the machine

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Improve your clinker chain performance

Hardfacing applied at the foundry preserved the section thickness at the rear pin eye, increasing the service life of this drag chain.

  WHITE PAPER Clinker drag chain: often ignored, but easily improved. — By Steve Marsac, Columbia Steel Product Development Manager Introduction Conveying cement clinker from clinker coolers to clinker storage to finish grind ing mills is part of the cement

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Do you know the best way to rotate your drag chain?

Columbia field representative examines a customer's dragline chain in Australia

How you rotate your drag chain can make a big difference in wear life. — By Tony Miotke, former Columbia Steel Dragline Product Engineering Manager Ideally, drag chains should be used in four different orientations before discarding. This practice can

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Resolving high wear in cone crushers

Ore and aggregate crusher wear parts by Columbia Steel

What causes upper chamber wear in cone crushers? — By Chuck Hendrickson, former Columbia Steel Product Engineering Manager We have a two 7′ shortheads that have high wear in the upper part of the crushing chamber. Liner changes are approximately

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