Yes, you can teach
an old dragline new tricks.

New dragline rigging, new productivity: shown here are Columbia Steel's dragline dump blocks, a consolidated hoist link, connectors and rope sockets, just part of a total dragline rigging upgrade for a customer.

“We need to try something new.”
A customer’s request for help showcases the many ways our wear parts
can make a difference.

Outmoded dragline rigging with high failure rate on wear parts. A modern rigging package, based on onsite consultations and attention to customer needs. Increased uptime due to superior strength of cast wear parts vs. antiquated fabrications and inferior alloys. Improvements include integrally cast XtraLife® hoist and drag chain, with greater contact area and abrasion resistance.
Heavy weight of assembled rigging package. Consolidated parts and more efficient designs to reduce overall rigging weight. Lowered overall rigging weight allows customer to increase tonnage of product in bucket. Improvements include 12-hole hoist links, which efficiently consolidate conventional hoist clusters.
High turnover rate of teeth and adaptors on bucket, requiring teeth changeout every month. Significant time spent by customer applying aftermarket overlays to teeth, since OEM-style product did not come with hardfacing. Teeth and adaptors cast in Columbia H series alloy and hardfaced with Columbia Xtend Process® in the foundry prior to shipping. This removed extra steps by customer to obtain overlays, and provides a superior hardfacing and annealing process done in a controlled manufacturing procedure. Customer has gone from replacing teeth monthly to every 4 to 5 months, a nearly 5-time increase in wear life which means less maintenance, less down time.
Loss of pins in connecting links. Provide reliable mechanical locking design and standardized pins. Thanks to through-hardened cast pins combined with Xtralloy® bushed parts, versus OEM fabricated or welded pins, a minimum of double the wear life is anticipated. Columbia’s mechanical pin systems speed up installation of links, clevises, sockets and spreader bar ends.
No backup wear parts available when needed. Customer must keep own warehouse stock and accurate count to prevent delays during maintenance. Columbia opened warehouse and agreed to stock customer parts as a backup to their inventory. Customer has peace of mind that wear parts will be available for rigging maintenance.

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Customer's dragline running leaner and longer with new, reliable, and lighter weight Columbia Steel rigging.