Columbia Steel and ESG

Environmental, social, and governance criteria at Columbia Steel

Columbia Steel’s Investment in the Social Aspect of ESG There was a time, not so long ago, when a company’s financial performance was the only thing that mattered. Investors didn’t care much about how companies treated the environment or their

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Into the Modern Age

The true legacy of Columbia Steel’s 120 years is the people who’ve passed through its doors.

Happy 120th Columbia Steel! Part 4: Into the Modern Age How does a company endure for 120 years when so many others fail? It takes good leadership, great products, the flexibility and foresight to meet changing market conditions and plenty

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An ongoing spirit of conservation

Columbia Steel takes natural resource stewardship seriously.

Energy Conservation Initiatives at Columbia Steel The spirit of conservation runs deep at Columbia Steel. Whether it’s our recycled sand and slag program, our water conservation initiatives, or the steps we take to ensure the air our employees breathe is

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Creators Wanted: Manufacturing Day 2021

Creators Wanted! Manufacturing Day 2021

Manufacturing Day 2021: Inspiring the Next Generation of Skilled Workers On the first Friday of October, the Manufacturing USA network, along with industry, academic organizations and public entities, will celebrate Manufacturing Day. This annual observance aims to raise awareness about

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Becoming a Global Leader

From left to right in this 1979 photo at our St. Johns location: Howard Julian, Jimmy Espinoza, David Armes, Steve Fuleki, Les Arn, Bud Bird, unidentified employee, Martha Cox, Bob Tyler, Jay Carney, and Barney Mays.

Happy 120th, Columbia Steel! Part 3: Becoming a Global Leader One hundred and twenty years ago, a group of Portland investors planted the seeds for a business that would last well beyond their lifetimes. Back in 1901, the idea that

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