A timeline of Columbia logos during our 100-plus year history

A new year and a new company logo for long established wear parts manufacturer, Columbia Steel.

PORTLAND, OR — JANUARY 2010 — Columbia Steel announces a new corporate identity, designed to convey a clear message about the unique nature of the company and the services it has offered to industry for many decades.

The fresh logo features a stylized foundry ladle in the shape of a large letter “C” with molten metal pouring from the center. While the previous trademark with its green “Columbia” served the manufacturer well for over 35 years, the new design reflects the company’s significant expertise in the engineering and production of steel and alloy castings.

“This is a critical distinction from suppliers who are only reselling wear parts made by other producers,” explained Alan George, Marketing Communications Manager for Columbia Steel. “When you buy from us, you’re buying direct from the manufacturer.”

George continued, “As an American firm, we’re very aware of today’s highly competitive business environment. We’d like our new corporate identity to send the message that after more than a century in the business, we still offer the benefits of working directly with us to improve industrial productivity with customized steel castings.”