Columbia Steel Supports Cleaner Air Oregon. Made in USA -- Columbia Steel Casting Co., Inc.

Columbia Steel Supports New Cleaner Air Oregon Program

PORTLAND, OREGON – MARCH 1, 2019 – Columbia Steel is one of the hundreds of Oregon businesses that will be working with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to apply the new Cleaner Air Oregon rules, and is among the first group of 20 companies who will be participating in this process in 2019.

“As a company that continuously strives to evolve and improve in every way, Columbia Steel is happy to be among the first grouping of the hundreds of Oregon companies that will be working with the DEQ on this important process,” said Martha Cox, CEO of Columbia Steel. “Columbia Steel has operated under air permits without violation for decades, so our commitment to our community, air quality, and compliance will continue under the new Cleaner Air Oregon rules.”

In a recent press release, Oregon DEQ explained: “all Oregon facilities with air permits will eventually be called into the Cleaner Air Oregon program over time. Regulators expect to be able to review about 20 facilities each year.” The release goes on to explain that the prioritization of companies being evaluated “is not a risk assessment, and the results are not a health assessment or statement of potential health risks.”

“Columbia Steel is proud of our long history of sustainability, conservation, and environmental stewardship,” said Cox. “We look forward to continuing that legacy through our partnership with the DEQ.”

What is Cleaner Air Oregon?

On November 15, 2018, Oregon’s Environmental Quality Commission adopted new rules to establish the most stringent air quality program in the nation. Although Oregon DEQ has not fully mapped the implementation process for these rules, it is moving swiftly to regulate facilities in Oregon. Participating companies will test for and assess any emissions and develop models to understand any impacts to neighboring communities and implement any controls that are needed.

About Columbia Steel

Columbia Steel is a family owned and operated business founded in 1901 in Portland, Oregon. The 86-acre facility is home to an on-site product design and engineering department, pattern making capabilities, extensive machine shop, and full-service steel casting foundry. The company currently employs 290 people, including many second and third generation Columbia employees.