Columbia hammers for improved shredder wear life and productivity.

Columbia Steel shredder hammers: USA-made and ready to shred

As replacement wear parts specialists, we have developed advanced alloys and manufacturing techniques that really pay off in demanding applications such as scrap metal and solid waste shredding.

Hammers for popular shredders
We stock an array of hammers and grates for common shredders, so you can often get the parts you need in a matter of days.

Alloy selection
We can produce parts in austenitic manganese steel or our H-series high strength martensitic steels. If your operation could benefit from less downtime and fewer change-outs due to hammer wear life, give Columbia Steel a call. Discover for yourself why our customers report excellent satisfaction with our high-hardness shredder hammers.

We back ’em up
Every Columbia Steel part is guaranteed for proper fit, performance and customer satisfaction. Contact us today to see how we can improve your shredding operation.