Don’t take chances with downtime: get shredder rotors and components that outlast the rest.

Columbia Steel shredder rotors and assemblies

Few U.S. foundries have the ability to produce and assemble a shredder rotor in a vertically integrated manufacturing facility like you’ll find at Columbia Steel. Whether you’re replacing a standard rotor, components, or need something custom, our engineers will work closely with you to meet your specific requirements with improved design and optimum alloy selection.

Alloys make the difference
Our wear parts and rotor shafts are manufactured in alloys that excel in the toughest applications. From spider arms and end disks, to rotor shafts, we choose alloys for high strength, high impact-resistance, and maximum reliability.

Shredder rotor details:

  • Machined spider arms keyed and shrink-fit to the rotor shaft
  • Forged main shaft for strength and durability
  • End disk assemblies with caps fully welded
  • Easier maintenance on your schedule — you can replace rotor caps when needed, unlike disk rotors that may need daily weld build-up