Columbia Steel provides effective solutions to your feed roll problems.

Columbia Steel shredder feed rolls and stub shafts
Columbia Steel’s feed rolls are becoming the standard of the industry. Here’s why:

  • Teeth and feed roll shell are cast as one unit
  • Integrally cast teeth provide unmatched strength and eliminate weld repair and downtime
  • Stub shafts provide ease of replacement. Depending on conditions, either or both shafts can be replaced
  • Proven performance in the toughest applications
  • All made in USA
    Design Improvements
    Our engineers are available to work with you to design improved, longer wearing feed rolls.

    Shredder rotor shafts and adapters manufactured by Columbia Steel

    We also produce custom stub shafts
    The fit of stub shafts are specifically designed and machined to meet each customer’s unique needs.

    Whether you seek a standard or custom solution, we encourage your inquiry.