We know that
no two shredding operations
are alike.

That’s why our product engineers work with customers to achieve their unique production goals. If you need increased throughput, we can provide the components to do the job. Looking for greater density? We can match hammers and grates to meet your specs. We’ve worked with leading shredder operators for decades to improve the wear life of all shredder components, through improved design, metallurgy and quality assurance.

Rotor Assemblies

Shredder wear parts for metal and waste recycling manufactured by Columbia Steel

Whether it’s standard components or something custom, we’ll meet your unique needs with the right design and alloys.

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Rotor and End Caps

Rotor caps and end caps by Columbia Steel

Tighter tolerances for better fit and performance, and improved pinning options for easier installation with fewer parts.

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Shredder Hammers

Columbia Steel shredder hammers, made in USA and ready to ship

Discover for yourself why our customers report excellent satisfaction with our high-hardness shredder hammers.

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Feed Rolls and Shafts

Columbia Steel feed rolls and shafts for shredders

Our shells and teeth are integrally cast as one unit, for unmatched strength and fewer weld repairs.

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Shredder Grates

Shredder grates designed for your unique needs by Columbia Steel

Designs for shredding metal, wood, and municipal waste, as well as custom engineered options.

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Double Beam Grates

Columbia Steel pioneered the design of shredder double beam grates for better production and longer service life

Our double beam grates maximize throughput and density with minimal flexing and bowing.

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Wall Conversions

Ask us about long-wearing Columbia Steel wall conversions for your shredder

Added material on high-wear surfaces and less where it’s unnecessary means wall casting sets with better productivity.

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Infeed and Side Liners

Sample set of Columbia Steel shredder side liners

Single piece and multiple piece options available, plus deep bolt hole recesses for increased useable wear thickness.

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Breaker Bars & Anvils

Shredder breaker bars and anvils in a variety of configurations are available from Columbia Steel

Single piece or three piece configurations with integrated or separate cutter bar options, in alloys to improve infeed by reducing bowing.

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Roof Covers & Grates

Columbia Steel has custom and specialty shredder roof cover designs

Custom holes and patterns available, as well as specialty covers that don’t require side liner or shredder modifications.

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Kickout & Reject Doors

Shredder Kickout and reject doors in many styles for better wear life

Available with specialty hole sizes, ribs, and counterweight styles, plus reversible designs for increased wear life.

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Grapple Links

Columbia Steel's one-piece cast grapple links outperform fabricated parts

Our grapple links are cast as one piece, and are substantially stronger than standard fabricated links.

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