Columbia Steel’s ferrule dump sockets provide significant benefits over standard wedge-style sockets.

Columbia Steel dragline ferrule dump sockets

Our ferrule dump socket, compared to standard wedge-style rope socket, will make your wire rope change-outs:

Faster — The simple design eliminates labor intensive wedge removal and re-roping of the wedge. Reduces dragline downtime.

Easier — Workers will prefer handling the lighter weight ferrule socket and enjoy easier change-outs.

Lighter Weight — Up to a 50% reduction in weight over the conventional socket and wedge system will help reduce overall rigging package weight.

Easy wire rope installation – Columbia Steel dump blocks are designed to allow pass through of wire rope with a becket end.

Pictured left to right, simplified wire rope change outs using our ferrule dump socket:

dragline ferrule socket assembly
dragline ferrule socket assembly 2
dragline ferrule socket assembly 3