Over fifty years of rolling mill part manufacturing are at your service.

Rolling mill wear parts manufactured by Columbia Steel

Columbia Steel has been producing rolling mill wear components for steel mills for over 50 years. Our experience combined with the full service of a vertically integrated manufacturing facility leads to high quality, long-lasting parts. Engineering, pattern making, foundry work, machining and quality assurance are all completed at our 86-acre Portland, Oregon location. Columbia Steel creates large castings in many alloys, including carbon, alloy, and austenitic manganese steel. We’re a trusted source for finished castings used in industrial manufacturing. Every part is guaranteed for proper fit, performance and customer satisfaction.

Our wear parts for rolling mills include:

  • Rolling mill bearing boxes
  • Mill run-out tables
  • Mill guides
  • Mandrel segments
  • Roll changing sleeve
  • Charge bar frame
  • Jaw clutch
  • Cooling bed aprons
  • Bearing frames
  • Gears & pinions
  • Coiler components
  • Cylinders & heads
  • Cooler plate boxes
  • Bearing clamps
  • Stripper crane parts
  • Worm gear sets