Inside some of the hardest working pumps are abrasion and impact resistant parts by Columbia Steel.

Cast pump impellers in Columbia Steel's machine shop

Slurry pumps require more than good hydraulic design
The right metallurgy and manufacturing engineering are also critical to controlling downtime and maintenance costs. Columbia Steel has extensive experience partnering with pump producers to supply wear parts ideal for demanding conditions. You’ll find our products in use where ever there’s abrasive slurry.

Machining a large pump case at Columbia Steel
Typical Columbia slurry pump parts include:

  • Pump cases
  • Impellers
  • Suction wear plates
  • Drive side wear plates

We cast from a wide range of appropriate alloys, such as manganese steels, high temperature resistant steels, and chromium alloy irons. Our engineers will recommend ways to streamline designs and machining to reduce manufacturing time and costs.