Replacement parts designed to perform wherever your brick plant encounters abrasive wear.

Large roll shells for brick manufacturing

Columbia Steel offers a growing line of replacement parts for popular brick manufacturing plants. These parts are preferred by leading brick plant managers and maintenance superintendents.

Parts available from Columbia Steel include: crusher parts, extruder knives, cast augers, scraper blades, hammermill impact bars, hammermill liners, muller tires, roll shells, pug mill mixer knives, and paddles. Inquire about new replacement parts, which we are developing on an ongoing basis.

Wear resistant alloys
We offer a full range of heat-treated, high chromium alloy irons and steels that we have specifically developed to resist abrasion and impact. In addition, we can apply our Xtend® high carbide overlays to high strength steels, resulting in high toughness parts such as Log Washer Paddles with exceptional surface wear resistance.

Improved designs
We look critically at every application. Many Columbia Steel replacement parts feature improved or heavy-duty designs to increase wear life. Our product engineers are eager to work with customers, first to analyze wear tendencies, and then to design parts that will improve production, lower downtime, and last longer.

Parts for European and American-made plants
Our rapidly growing list of parts and patterns covers many popular plants. Our goal is to be your complete wear parts supplier, so we are interested in making any part subjected to abrasion or impact.

Highest quality, guaranteed
Our in-house production, from patternmaking to machining, results in top quality control.