Long-lasting, precise fit: blast furnace wear parts from Columbia Steel

A blast furnace bell seat in Columbia Steel's machine shop

Many of the major steel producers used small bells and seats manufactured by Columbia Steel in the 1950s and 60s. Our attention to quality casting and machining led to a high demand for these parts. Although furnaces have diversified since then, operators of blast furnaces can still depend on replacement components manufactured by Columbia Steel. Made from austenitic manganese steel and machined to the close assembly tolerances demanded by blast furnaces, our bell seats and small bells deliver long-lasting performance.

Columbia Steel is a trusted source for finished castings used in industrial manufacturing. Every part is guaranteed for proper fit, performance and customer satisfaction.

Our blast furnace wear parts include:

  • Bell seats
  • Small bells
  • Bell rod shield rings
  • Bell rod sections
  • Blow pipes
  • Blast air fittings
  • Brick anchors
  • Valve seats
  • Skip car wheels and components
  • Wearing plates for skip cars and hoppers
  • Hoist sheaves and bearings
  • Pig chain links and sprockets