Our unique production capabilities
provide casting solutions wherever there are wear part challenges.

With over a century of manufacturing experience, we can produce a wide range of industrial steel and alloy iron castings. We’ve furnished items such as conveying assemblies, screen trunnions and tires, pinions and gears, rotor assemblies, smelter parts, and bushings for a wide range of industries. We engineer, cast, machine and heat treat large industrial components in-house. Put our expertise to work solving your wear part challenges.

Dredge Parts

Pallets of Columbia Steel dredge buckets en route to an Alaskan gold mine

Buckets, drive tumblers, ladder components, idlers and more — few manufacturers know dredges like Columbia.

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Slurry Pump Parts

Pump impellers in Columbia Steel's machine shop

Columbia Steel has extensive experience partnering with pump producers to supply parts ideal for demanding conditions.

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Brick Manufacturing

Large roll shells for brick manufacturing

Extruder knives, cast augers, scraper blades, hammermill parts, muller tires, roll shells, pug mill mixer knives, and paddles.

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Blast Furnace Parts

A bell seat for a blast furnace in Columbia Steel's machine shop

Cast from austenitic manganese steel and machined to close tolerances, our bell seats and small bells deliver long-lasting value.

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Rolling Mill Parts

Rolling mill wear parts manufactured by Columbia Steel

Columbia Steel has been producing high quality, long-lasting rolling mill wear components for steel mills for over 50 years.

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What’s your challenge?

In the foundry at Columbia Steel

Our customer service specialists and product engineers are ready to help solve your manufacturing challenges.

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