Columbac is the backing material preferred for manganese parts in gyratory and cone crushers.

Columbac backing material for gyratory and cone crushers
A safe and easy to handle backing material that’s strong and virtually void-free.

Tough, resilient, and non-metallic, Columbac is the two-component, 100% solids epoxy backing material proven to be an excellent replacement for zinc in both portable and permanent crusher applications. Columbac is also useful for backing grinding mill liners, heavy machinery grouting and concrete floor patching.

Minimal parts preparation — Just follow label directions, sealing joints normally and waxing or oiling parts for easier removal when worn.

Mixes in its own container — Each can of Columbac comes with a premeasured can of hardener. Just add and mix the catalyst in the epoxy container according to label directions.

Non-flammable, no equipment needed — Columbac is non-flammable and requires no melting or pouring equipment. Like other epoxy backings, it is a corrosive alkaline liquid which must be handled carefully.

Tested and proven properties — Columbac offers the optimal combination of high compressive strength, adequate flexibility, minimal filler settling and excellent volumetric stability.

Convenient shipping with your Columbia wear parts order — It’s important to anticipate your Columbac needs because corrosive materials cannot be shipped by air freight. We recommend ordering the appropriate amount of backing when you order Columbia Steel wear parts.