We cast a variety of replacement parts for MPS 89, MPS 89G, and MPS 89R coal pulverizers.

Coal pulverizer tires, tracks, wall castings and ledge covers manufactured by Columbia Steel

Columbia Steel wear parts for B&W MPS coal pulverizers are an example of our ability to produce superior quality parts that offer excellent fit, top performance and exceptionally long life.

Wear tires — Columbia wear tires are cast of our J series high chromium alloy iron, fully heat treated. Mating and working surfaces can be tool machined for balance and quieter running. We have patterns for standard bore wear tires, and can also custom bore tires to the diameter you specify. In either case, you are ensured accurate fit and prompt delivery.

Weartrack segments — Our J series of high chromium alloy irons provide excellent wear resistance.

Outer wall castings and ledge covers — These parts are also cast of our long wearing high chromium iron alloy. Both parts are designed to bolt through the pulverizer wall, as well as to each other, giving solid attachment.

Roll brackets — Columbia roll brackets are cast of tough carbon steel. This allows application of Xtend Process® high carbide overlays for wear resistance, or weld rebuilding in the field.

Pivot blocks and rolls — We also offer roll pivot blocks and pivot rolls so you can rebuild with all-Columbia wear parts.

Guaranteed parts since 1901 — Columbia Steel has been serving basic industry with quality wear parts for over a century. All of our parts are engineered, molded, cast, finished and inspected at our plant in Portland, Oregon. And every part is guaranteed for proper fit, performance and customer satisfaction. We’re committed to serving the power generating industry and we welcome your inquiries.