Our triangular pressure frame is a tough, one-piece carbon steel casting, not fabricated or welded.

Columbia Steel's one-piece cast MPS pressure frame

Columbia Steel’s triangular pressure frame for B&W MPS 89 and MPS 89G coal pulverizers is a one-piece casting, not a fabricated or welded part. Cast of tough and weldable carbon steel it provides strength and reliability.

Replaceable and adjustable plates — Like the OEM pressure frame, our frame has provisions for replaceable, hard wear plates on one side of the three corners. These can be either OEM or Columbia wear plates.

Unlike the OEM pressure frame, Columbia’s frame comes with an adjustable and replaceable steel wear plate on the other side of each corner. This allows for adjustment or replacement on both sides of each of the three corners, whereas the OEM frame only allows adjustment or replacement on one side of each corner.