Bolt-through housing units for EL type coal pulverizers are easy to change, won’t ride up.

Bolt-through EL coal pulverizer housing units manufactured by Columbia Steel

Columbia Steel has earned a reputation for top service and quality replacement parts for EL coal pulverizers. Our product engineers spend considerable time in the field, and they recognize that the standard housing design has a number of problems. The result is Columbia’s bolt-through housing design, a very straightforward approach to keeping housings firmly in place, and making them fast and easy to replace.

Won’t ride up — Users of standard design housings reported that they tended to ride up on their mounting slots in service. Our bolt-through housings cannot move during their service life.

Easy to install — These liners are easier to install because they’re bolted through from inside the mill. There are no blind slotted pockets to line up, and no smashed fingers. Simply set the housing on the ledge, place the provided bolts into the holes, and tighten the nut and washer from the other side. Our bolts have a high-carbide layer on the head to resist wear. The units also feature a caulkable flange for a superior air seal. Our high chromium alloy iron gives excellent abrasion resistance and long life.

Easy to remove — Simply cut off bolts and drive them out. Everything is easily accessible.

Quality parts, made in USA — Columbia Steel parts are made at our Portland, Oregon plant and are guaranteed for proper fit, performance and customer satisfaction.