It’s no secret that coal-based power generation
is a challenging industry.
Meet those challenges with wear parts designed to reduce costly downtime.

Our ability to produce alloy iron roller tires and wear track segments to high hardness levels and machined for balanced operation has set a new standard in the power plant industry. Customer requests are our specialty, for replacements that are stronger, more reliable, and easier and faster to changeout than OEM parts.

Tire Pulverizer Parts

Coal pulverizer tires, tracks, wall castings and ledge covers manufactured by Columbia Steel

Columbia wear tires, track segments, wall castings and ledge covers are cast of high chromium alloy iron, fully heat treated.

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Pressure Frames

Columbia Steel one-piece cast MPS pressure frame

Our triangular frames are one-piece carbon steel castings, not a fabricated or welded, for excellent strength and reliability.

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Roll Brackets

Columbia Steel's carbon steel roll brackets for coal pulverizers

Columbia brackets are made of carbon steel — stronger and tougher than cast iron, and weldable for hardfacing.

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Ball Mill Pulverizer Parts

Columbia Steel pulverizer wear parts are cast of high chromium iron

Top and bottom grinding rings, grinding balls and more are cast of our high chromium alloy iron, fully heat treated and machined.

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Housing Units

Columbia Steel's bolt-through EL housing units are easier to install

We offer standard units and our bolt-through units, which are easier to install because they’re attached from inside the mill.

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Ash Crusher Wear Parts

Columbia Steel alloys excel in wear parts for high-abrasion applications like ash crushing.

Call Columbia Steel for anvil plates, combing plates, side wear plates, and cam sections for your ash crusher.

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