The demanding conditions in cement plants require a range of heat and wear-resistant alloys.

Cement plants can achieve significant efficiencies with the right alloys for the right wear parts.

We offer the broadest range of alloys of any manufacturer serving the cement industry.

Heat resistant alloys – We produce heat resistant alloys which offer options in thermal and hot gas corrosion resistance up to 2,100˚ F (1,150˚ C) in kiln and cooler applications.

High chromium alloy irons – Our J-Series of alloy irons offers excellent abrasion resistance in cooler cold zone and clinker breaker applications, as well as vertical roller mill and grinding mill applications.

Chromium molybdenum steels – Columbia’s grades offer hardness and toughness for cold zone applications.

High strength steels – Ultra-high strength, high hardness grades of these alloys give excellent service in clinker breakers and drag chain.

Manganese steels – These alloys are well suited to clinker breaker grizzly bars and hammers.

Xtend Process® bi-metallic castings – Our proprietary process of producing tough steel castings with high carbide facing is effective on clinker breaker hammers and clinker drag chain.