Columbia Steel elevator buckets, cast in high-strength alloy steel.

Elevator buckets for cement manufacturing

We design our elevator buckets for severe abrasive service conditions, like those found with cement clinker.

Increase wear life with Xtend Process® hardfacing
Columbia Steel elevator buckets can be supplied with Xtend Process high carbide overlays applied in high wear areas. The wear life of most elevator buckets can be enhanced with Xtend added to the lip of the bucket.

The mechanical properties of the H39 alloy steel make the Columbia Steel buckets superior to competitive cast iron elevator buckets in strength, hardness and toughness.

Mechanical properties of H39 alloy:

  • Ultimate Strength – 210,000 psi
  • Hardness – 444 HB
  • Elongation – 9%
  • Toughness (Charpy) – 23 ft-lb