Columbia Steel conveyor drag chain is proven to give long service life in cement plants.

Conveyer drag chain for cement plancts manufactured by Columbia Steel

Alloy selection
Columbia Alloys are matched to the temperature reached by the drag chain in service. For lower temperature service, where the chain is heated to no more than 550° F, we recommend our H39 high strength alloy steel. This alloy is especially effective with our Xtend Process® overlay, in which a layer of high chromium white iron is applied to high wear areas. The Xtend Process overlay achieves a hardness of 700 HB, making it extremely abrasion resistant.

For higher temperatures, where the chain reaches between 550° F and 1100° F, experience has shown that our manganese steel is the best alloy choice. A layer of our high chromium carbide hardfacing can be applied to high wear areas of the manganese chain to increase wear life.

Pattern capabilities
In addition to our wide selection of existing drag chain patterns, we have a full service pattern shop that can make patterns for your unique drag chain design.

Forged pins
Link pins are forged alloy steel heat treated for hardness and toughness.

We will preassemble the drag chain into strands up to ten feet long per your request, which saves you time during installation.