It is Columbia Steel’s goal to have a safe working environment for every team member.

Safety First!
Employee Health and Safety
Safety is top priority for everyone at Columbia Steel. We continually invest in training, equipment, and our facility to create a safer work environment for our employees, contractors, and visitors.

As an industrial facility, training employees in the safe operation of equipment is critically important. Among our many programs are those for mobile equipment, aerial lifts, cranes, and working in confined spaces. We also educate employees to properly inspect on-site fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, rigging, and ladders.

We offer annual CPR / First Aid training to our employees, and maintain automated external defibrillators (AEDs) accessible throughout our facility.

We routinely test our fire and emergency alarm systems, and provide instruction to employees on how to respond, including building exits and evacuation assembly locations.

Stencils for equipment are a simple way to spread on-site safety messages.
Safety Teams
Our Safety Committee is made up of employees from all aspects of our operation, from foundrymen to supervisors. These individuals are available to listen to any safety concerns or suggestions from fellow employees, and they play a large part in recommending improvements, inspection compliance, and reviews.

A trained, designated Rescue Team is also on hand for confined space emergencies, as well as for CPR and First Aid.

Contractor Safety Orientation
We are committed to providing our on-site contractors with training and information to enable them to work safely and efficiently while here at Columbia Steel.

Our ongoing contractor safety orientation program is customized to be job-specific for each vendor. Topics can include confined spaces, hot-work permitting, and boundary hazards, for example. We also cover general site policies such as PPE, first aid, and emergency response. To date we’ve trained over 140 individuals working for over two dozen vendors.

Continuous Improvement
Our Continuous Improvement Program is an important part of our plant safety culture. We routinely acknowledge and reward employees for their implemented suggestions to improve safety in the workplace. Employee engagement is further encouraged by daily safety meetings in each department.

Think Safe – Work Smart
We are committed to creating a safe and healthy work environment for everyone here at Columbia Steel.