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A Wide Range of Jaw Plate Designs
for All Popular Jaw Crushers
Improve your operation by increasing your knowlegde about jaw die designs and options with "How Columbia Steel can help you get more from your jaw crusher" 18-page booklet. This valuable resource guide is available to jaw crusher operators.
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The right design can make a big difference.
Our customers have proven that the right jaw plate design can make a dramatic difference, depending on the application. We have many case histories in which wear life increases of 50% are common, and some in which wear life increased up to 300%.

Columbia Steel offers more jaw crusher plate styles than any manufacturer in the industry. Each of these designs has been developed for a customer seeking improved jaw crusher performance, including:
  • Improved production
  • More accurate product sizing
  • Better wear metal utilization and lower discard weight
  • Lower overall operating costs

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Write to us with your situation details and we will analyze your jaw crusher performance and wear patterns and suggest improvements.

Straight, Full Curved, & Straight with Curved Ends Jaws
As viewed from the side, we offer Straight, Curved and Straight with Curved End jaw plates. Selection depends on nip angle needed for the feed material, wear patterns, and product sizing.
stationary and moveable jaws
Smooth and Toothed Jaws
We offer Smooth and many different Toothed Styles, including Sharp and Round Tooth designs.
smooth end jaw die
High and Anti-Slab Teeth Jaws
These styles are effective in breaking sedimentary rock and in recycling road materials.
jaw die with anti slab teeth

Toothed with Smooth End Jaws
We can provide toothed jaws with filled Smooth Ends for extra wear resistance.

Standard and Xtralloy® premium alloys
Jaw crusher plates and parts are available in our tough standard manganese steel and our long-wearing Xtralloy premium manganese steel.

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