complete bucket assembly
XtraLife® Dragline Chain:
the industry standard.
A proven endurance winner over the long haul.
After studying wear patterns in the field we noticed that most chain wear takes place at the link contact areas. The solution: Columbia Steel’s integrally cast XtraLife® chain with extra bearing area for extra long life.

dragline chain cross section
< Greater contact area.
Some conventional oval section chain links start with a virtual point contact area, which immediately begins to wear at this point of contact.

XtraLife chain’s additional ridge of metal is far greater than that of oval chains. Wearing stresses are distributed rather than concentrated. The result is longer link life and fewer premature stress failures.

Xtend Process overlay on dragline chainHigh strength and abrasion resistance.
XtraLife chain, utilizing our H-alloys, has good resistance to both abrasion and impact. For greater resistance to abrasive wear, our Xtend Process® high carbide overlay can be bonded to high wear areas, resulting in even longer life.

Exclusive Columbia casting system.
Columbia Steel has developed a special molding line which ensures superior link integrity throughout the chain strand. The resulting integrally cast chain has become known as the world’s leading dragline chain.
dragline chain from Columbia Steel

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